Meet Melissa Glazer- NZ Brand Ambassador

Hey Melissa, thanks for sitting down with us. Can you
tell us about your background in art?
From a very young age I was artistic, always creating something and keeping myself busy. I was offered an art bursary at a private art school and as I got older, I knew I wanted to study something where I could still be creative but make a living out of too. Therefore in college I studied Graphic Design. It opened doors for me in the work place and I landed my first job as a Graphic Designer.
How did you get into the tattoo industry?
Back home in South Africa, I took some of my drawings to my tattoo artist at the time, the late Dave Edwards. He asked me if I had drawn them and when I told him they were all my own design work, he offered me an apprenticeship right there and then. The next day my journey into the tattoo world began.
What is your style and how did it develop?
My current style is Black and Grey/realism work.I developed this style doing commission sketches and paintings, like portraits. This was way before I even thought about tattooing.
Where do you get your inspiration from?
I get my inspiration from photographers and other tattoo artists. My favourites would definitely be Stefan Gessels, he takes the most amazing dark beauty photography. With tattooing, I would say Sam Barber, Fred Tattoo and many more.
What is your favourite tattoo & can you tell us a little about it?
Honestly I don’t have a favourite tattoo, each tattoo I do has a different meaning to me. I just try give each one my best and make sure my clients are happy.
You own Storm Ink Tattoo in Auckland, can you tell us a little about your studio?
Well at the moment we are an all girl Tattoo Studio! I have onefull time artist and two apprentices. We have a very chilled environment and I can honestly say Im lucky to have the other girls working with me.
What is the inspiration behind your studio name Storm Ink Tattoo?
‘Storm’ is actually my maiden name, it felt very fitting to use my surname as the shops name.
What is your proudest moment in your career so far?
Besides from opening my own shop here in Auckland and becoming an ambassador for Electric Ink Skincare, it would have to be winning the  ‘Best Small Black and Grey’ category at the Auckland Customs Tattoo Show this year. This is only the second time tattooing at a convention as well!
What do you have planned for the next few years and where will we see you?
I would like to attend as many conventions and guest spots as possible in the next few years, locally and internationally. I feel  I have missed out on so much when tattooing back home in South Africa, as there were not many tattoo conventions. I find coming  here to New Zealand has opened up so many doors for my career.  I feel I have so much to offer as an artist and I really have a lot of  catching up to do!
Thanks Melissa!