Life, Tattoos & One Cool Dad

1) To start things off, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Ricia but everyone calls me Rish. I live in a little village just outside of Brighton and work full time as a Store Manager in fashion retail.

2) When did you get your first tattoo and where was it? 

I was 19, and had been told “tattoos won’t suit you”, and thought “stuff that” as I’d always been in to tattoos due to my interest in art and love for metal (the music kind), I went to a small shop in Brighton with a badly draw design that I’d made in memory of my cat who had died the previous year. It’s on my hip and the tattoo looks pretty ropey, but I would never get a coverup.

3) What interests do you have outside of tattoos? Any pets? We love dogs!!!

I have two rescue chihuahuas, Monty and Nacho, who love having their photos taken (I have their names tattooed on my ankles). I also love makeup and have a passion for anything arty; from painting landscapes or sketching portraits, to music and singing. I’m honestly quite boring, but my Instagram makes my life look interesting! Recently, I’ve started recording beauty tutorials as I worked in makeup for over nine years and sometimes miss being able to help people with quick fix techniques. You can find the vlogs on YouTube if you’re interested!

4) What’s the main inspiration behind your tattoos? Any hidden stories?

Most of my tattoos have some kind of meaning to them – I have a horseshoe with “Dad” as my Dad loves his westerns and has three horses, for my Mum, I have a mystical looking hand as she works as a psychic and medium (all over the world). I also have crossed arrows which my best friend and I had done together back in March. She sadly passed away just a month later, so it’s nice to have something so permanent to remember her by, as she my closest female friend and I will always hold on to that memory.

5) What tattoos have you got planned for the future? Any more to come?

I have a list as big as the gaps between the ink on my legs… so far too many to write. But I really love traditional and Japanese style tattooing – have a lot of saving to do before I can get my next one. Eventually, I would love to get tattooed by Eckel or Aaron King.

6) Favourite tattoo artist and why?

I cannot single it down to just one (sorry), I love EJ Miles (Frith Street Tattoo, London) and have a lot of work by her – she’s fantastic at traditional and Japanese style tattoos, and great at conversation!  Craig Ridley (Tattoo Workshop, Brighton) is also amazing – my fiancé and I have been tattooed by Craig many times over the years, he specialises in Japanese styles and has created some amazing traditional pieces too! Both EJ and Craig deserve so much recognition for their stunning skills – you can follow them on Instagram via @ejmilestattoo and @craigridleytattoo.

6) What’s you daily skin and beauty routine? (not offended if you don’t mention electric ink haha!)

I spend about half an hour to an hour getting myself ready in the morning as I paint my face on, so as not to scare the rest of the world! My favourite daily products are my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, Modern Renaissance Palette and Darkside Liner, with Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks. On my body, I use the Electric Ink Vibrancy Serum and Daily Moisturiser – they make my legs silky smooth and my tattoos pop!

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